Celebrating World Water Day: The Future of Water in London and the South East

To mark World Water Day on 22 March 2021, SEAL hosted it’s first Seminar focussing on: The Future of Water in London and the South East of England – How is water likely to be managed as climate change advances? This featured leading experts in water policy, industry and research sharing their viewpoints on how water is likely to be managed as climate change advances.

The event consisted of three presentations from following keynote speakers:

  • Veronica Chan – Port of London Authority
  • Glenn Watts – Environmental Agency
  • Blanca Antizar – Isle Utilities

Subsequent discussion explored current and future water challenges facing our society, including changing water cycles and rising sea levels, increasing urbanisation and manipulation of water flow, the degradation of water quality and more.

London has average annual rainfall of about 600mm; draws 80% of its water from rivers (the Thames and Lea), has prolonged rainfall that causes localised floods, and the population is growing at a rapid pace. Additionally, the South Eastern region faces unique water pressures, driven by relatively low rainfall, high evaporation and a reliance on groundwater aquifers. Coupled with extensive development and climate change influencing drier summer conditions, the area is vulnerable to water shortages.

Thank you to the speakers and participants, our next event will focus on Biodiversity and water and will be held on Wednesday 19 May 1-2pm. For more information and to sign up please follow this link.

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